Ausgewählte Ausflugsziele in der Umgebung unseres Hauses

In Stralsund Old Town you can find the museum in the former Dominican monastery St. Catherine. In the exhibition, you will learn interesting facts about oceanography, marine biology, fishery and fauna and flora of the Baltic Sea. So to say “the sea behind walls of a monastery” with exhibitions, tropical aquariums, and Germany’s largest sea turtle basin.

European museum of the year in 2010.
The building possesses an impressive architecture and once inside you are invited to go on a unique trip through the underwater world of the northern oceans, something you won’t find anywhere else in Europe. The Ozeaneum is located on the Hafeninsel of Stralsund. Animals and underwater plants are shown in an environment which is modelled on the oceans.

Plunge into fun and relaxation – whatever the weather is.
A water paradise on 120,000 square meters where families, action fans and those in search of relaxation will be in their element. Take a journey through our water and experience worlds – from the shores of the Baltic through subtropical bathing landscapes to our oriental sauna landscape straight out of The 1001 Nights. Leave your everyday routine behind!

Weiße Flotte
Harbour tours to the new Rügen Bridge.
Like being in a convertible on the Strelasund you have a unique view of the Hanseatic town’s silhouette, the shipbuilding hall of the Volkswerft, the Ozeaneum, the tall ship “Gorch Fock” and more. Ferry service between Stralsund and Altefähr, the shortest connection between the mainland and the Isle of Rügen.

Guided tour of the town
Guided tours through the world heritage old town Stralsund. You can choose between the original Stralsund, in Swedish or some different type of tour. Surely there’s one for everyone’s taste. Or take and audio guide and discover the old town by yourself.

Theatre Stralsund
The theatre of Stralsund has a long tradition.
Documented are performances of theater play on the Alter Markt in the year 1553 (“Tragedy van deme Daniel”) and 1584 (“De Tragedien van Susannen”). The tradition continues since the fusion of the theatres of the towns Stralsund and Greifswald in 1994 to the Theatre Western Pomerania.

Stralsund Zoo
In Stralsund’s zoo visitors are able to experience animals from around the world.
Next to lions, chimpanzees and kangaroos numerous native animal species or formerly native species like the wolf or the lynx are kept here.
Altogether nearly 1000 animals live in the 16-hectare big zoo.

Störtebeker Festival
Watch the adventures of the legendary pirate Klaus Störtebeker on the unique outdoor stage of Ralswiek. It’s a theatre play with more than 150 participants, 4 ships, 30 horses, special effects and more. Every evening during the festival time a firework above the “Great Jasmunder Bodden” is part of the show and it will make your visit to the Isle of Rügen unforgettable.

For more than a hundred years poets, painters, actors and artists of every genre are enthusiastic about the wonderful Baltic Sea Island Hiddensee. Numerous cultural events are a part of the bustling life on the island.

Germany’s largest Island Rügen is located directly next to the Hanseatic town of Stralsund. It is connected to the mainland via the Rügendamm and the new Rügen Bridge spanning 2 km over the Strelasund. Apart from altogether 60 km of fine sandy beaches, the island offers scenic and structural variety. It’s well worth visiting the vibrant Baltic Seaside resorts and the large national parks of the island.

42-kilometres of finest Baltic beach in a piece. Enough for all kinds of holiday pleasures. The island of Usedom is a nature park full of lakes, meadows and woods. A rural dream between the river Peene and the Baltic Sea.

It is a 45-kilometre long peninsula situated by the Baltic Sea between Rostock and Stralsund. It marks a line between the Darss-Zingst-Bodden chain and the open Baltic Sea. Fischland forms the south westerly part of the peninsula, then comes the Darss onto which the pensula Zingst connects in the east.